What Are Life Skills?


Life skills refers to the skills that you use in your life. Life skills are connected with living and managing a better life. These skills are very helpful in our lives, since it helps us reach our full potential and in accomplishing our goals in life.


The skills that are useful in your life is considered as a life skill. Using the computer, swimming, running, cooking are some examples of life skills.


The list of life skills are not definite. There are skills that will be less or more relevant to your life.


Here are some of examples of life skills that are used in different parts of our life:


Study skill- This life skill is used when we are in school.


Negotiation skills-this life skill is used for negotiating on something, such as purchasing a house.


Employability skills-This life skill is used when you are looking for a job.


Leadership skills-This kind of life skill is usually used when you need to lead a group.


Presentation skills-This kind of life skill is mostly used by people that are working.


Time management skills-This is usually used by people that are working or if you are starting a family.


Stress management skills-This skill is done by those people needs help in conflict resolution.


There are regular life skill classes, but if you do not want to drive to classes, you can always enroll in online life skill classes.  There are plenty of schools that offer online life skill classes. To understand more about life skills, visit


Here are the advantages of online life skill classes:


A. Flexibility


These online life skills classes are very flexible. You now have the chance to study at your own pace and time, with online life skill classes. You can work ahead on courses that are easy, so you can have time to study on courses that are very challenging.


B. You will be more independent


Your independent study skills will be more developed since you will be studying on your own. Studying on your own does not always mean that you will be on your own, they also provide a personalized support network that will help you succeed.


C. Have excellent support system


They have passionate and helpful teachers, that are available online and can talk to you through the phone. These online schools will provide academic adviser that can provide one on one support.



These online life skill schools provides a page where you can check your progress from time to time, so you know the classes that you are good at and those that you may need improvement on. Most online schools, offer free life skill classes. The students that are allowed to take at least two classes every semester, go here for more info.